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Real Estate Development and Infrastructure Investments

Projagg provides real estate investors access to a lucrative portfolio range of value-add and opportunistic real estate and infrastructure investments. Identify your own investment opportunities aligned with your strategic plans and risk profile with our portfolio of institutional-grade Licensed Funds. 

Projagg facilitates the funding of any size real estate and infrastructure projects with its breakthrough 2-tier blockchain-based "Vaultchain" proprietary technology, strategic sharing economy modeling, project funding, and management platform by digitalizing the transaction and payment workflow making real estate investments and development more efficient, effective, transparent, secure, with fair and ethical-practice for all parties involved.


Projagg provides Real Estate and Infrastructure Developers

a transparent and seamless marketplace for multiple parties collaboration.

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Deal Origination

Projagg will provide Family Offices,  accredited High Net Worth investors and Fund Managers find off-market real estate projects and infrastructure development opportunities, while on the other hand giving developers access to more viable options to fund their projects.

Deal Making

Our proprietary data analytics matchmaking technology connects investors with developers based on predefined selective criteria, mandates, geographic, and demographics will save each party precious time searching for the ideal project or the right funding partner/s.

Digital Due Diligence

The seamless due diligence process allows users to store and access all project-related documents online. All information is "Vaultchained", which means no forgery, or illegal edits once the deal is set up. It eliminates the worries of fraud papers, fake projects, and scammers. 

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Project Funding

Fund Managers can enjoy the flexibility of anchoring the project with a majority stake of funding, taking a minority stake, or simply funding the entire project. Individual investors, family offices, and HNWIs will have unprecedented access to a diversified real estate portfolio of Fund Managers offering secure and exceptional returns, benchmark performance, and financial metrics of each project.


Project Tender

Our proprietary online TenderSys App allows developers to call for tender anywhere in the world, or specifically to selected vendors or contractors with total transparency and confidence. The process can be remotely controlled and is able to monitor, track the entire development progress and milestones, keeping all your KPI's in place for a clear outcome.


Milestone Monitoring

Our 2-tiered Vaultchain Technology locks documents, contracts, tender details, milestones, contractors', consultants', and vendors' particulars, personnel, and even communications.  This ensures all given data are "chained up", making every party accountable and responsible for their job scope.  The Vaultchain directs payments to all parties without the developers touching the funds.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities At Your Fingertips

Projagg connects you to Invest In High-Quality Value-added and Opportunistic Real Estate and Infrastructure Projects

Greenfield / Ground-up Development


Retrofitting / Redevelopment




Disrupting the Real Estate Development and Investment Market

Real Estate Development is a multi-disciplinary and complex process. It is one of the most rewarding yet challenging aspects of the real estate industry.  It usually provides an opportunistic yield. Unfortunately, up to now, there is no "control" over the many aspects of Risk factors.

The failures of a development project can be caused by lack of funds, misuse and misappropriation on the use of funds, mismanagement, internal staff negligence or corruption, and execution. Market trends and sentiments can usually be overcome by careful planning.

Our blockchain-based platform for project funding, tender system processes, hierarchy approval management, disbursement, and payment gateway, solves all these "trust" issues by digitizing the transaction workflow making real estate investment and development seamless, simple, and secure. Effectively, we can now increase the chances of success for every project executed via Projagg platform with a "Best Quality" stamp.

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"Their 2T Vaultchain Technology is really comforting when it comes to eliminating fraud!"