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Need Funding for your Real Estate or Infrastructure Development Project?
We can help.

Be it a US$5M or US$300M, we will help you acquire the right funds or financing for your projects. 

Get quicker approvals with flexible structures using Equity, Debt, Alternative financing or a hybrid. 

Our Funding Community comprises of Family Wealth Offices, Fund Managers, Crowdfunders, Financing Institutions, Alternative Financing, Mutual Funds, Equity Funds, and very soon our own Projagg Funds.

Build that Multimillion-dollar Project now

Ground-up / Greenfield Development
Redevelopment or Retrofitting / A+A
Gov / Infrastructure Development

Why Use Projagg?


  • Eliminates Misuse, Abuse, and Misappropriation on Use of funds

  • Prevents Fraud, Cheating and Scam

  • No Overruns on Expenses, Costing & Hidden Cost

  • Bribery and Cronyism can be restricted

  • Secured and unhackable information and data with 24 hours audit trail


  • Different levels of transparency, tracking and monitoring are easily accessible by different users on demand

  • Decision-making processes and clear communication to minimize misunderstanding

  • All Documents & Contracts are locked by the Vaultchain


  • Authorized personnel to verify information and milestone are scheduled sequentially to ensure proper protocol

  • Approvals for milestone completion and billing are pre-determined according to the protocol

  • All processes will be accounted for at every step from the start

Manage Project  Milestones

Using Our Proprietary Technology

Target Funding 

- Our system will help you match your funding requirements to our investor's criteria, thus reduce your time of pitching to the wrong group.

- To accelerate your chance in getting funding, we also get all your Proforma and Project Proposals ready up to the Funders need.


- With our Tendersys process, you will be able to call for tender given our database of industry professionals: from Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Designers and more.

- Using this feature, you will be able to monitor and track the entire tender process, keeping all your KPI's in place for a clear outcome.

Vaultchain Technology

This feature was developed using a proprietary Distributed Ledger Technology, to ensure all given data are chained and locked, thus all system processes will go through accordingly.

Secure Project Fund Disbursement

The system requires you to register your AVA  Team. Each milestone requires several signatory prior to fund release, making sure that no misuse will happen.
The system and information is locked up keeping your entire team and budget on track.

Cost Control & Budget Management

Each development milestone is tied up in a chain and the budget is lockdown at any point in time. This will help you manage your cash flow and ensure no misuse, no bribery and eliminating over budgeting. The system will be your point of trust, prohibiting even the internal team to do any illegal transaction or out of the budget fees.

Secure Legal Entity with Smart Contract

In the case of joint ventures with Landowners and Equity Investors, the system secures and ensures the terms agreed upon are executed accordingly and all legal binding is chained in the system.
The Vaultchain also secure the land titles and contracts, protecting all parties involved in the collaboration.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access 24-hour reporting on funding requirements, fund disbursement transaction, tender KPI's and process, payment history and milestone to give better factual insights on the development process and timeline.



Melaka, Malaysia

Reclaiming 4 Islands off Melaka port for Tourism, Cruise Terminal, Deep seaport, Container/Oil Storage facilities.

Funding Needed

US$250 M


Budapest, Hungary

4.17 acres of Mixed developments with Office, Retail, Hotel and Residential apartments in prime area.

Funding Needed

EU100 M


Bali, Indonesia

3.2 hectares of landscape slopes with stream for resort and hotel development near the famous Monkey Forest.

Funding Needed

US$50 M


"Their 2T Vaultchain Technology is really comforting when it comes to eliminating fraud!"



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