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We help you design funding needs, execute tenders and track development progress & payment.

Projagg can help you raise the Capital you need for your Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development funding made easy

Projagg is your end-to-end real estate development platform.

By facilitating rewarding connections between real estate developers and the  funder, we’ll help you reach your development goals. Projagg gives you access to a network of family offices, high-net-worth individuals (HNWI), fund managers and financing institutions that focus on your project’s success. 

Our Trusted Network of Funding Community

By registering your project, you’re adding it to a carefully curated list of available real estate investment opportunities that we share with our funding community. With our Platform, you can connect with investors, fund your project, track your progress, and secure a trustworthy and transparent real estate and infrastructure development partnership.

Thanks to our funding expertise and our bespoke contacts, we can offer developers our services to get the funding they need. We’ll not only advise them on structuring their financing but may also use our own funds as an investment because we genuinely believe in the success of your development project.

Gain The Confidence and Trust Of Your Investors

When you work closely with Projagg, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll do everything we can to help you get your projects funded and completed at the highest performance possible. Our unique Vaultchain & Tendersys technology gives you the ability to gain the confidence and trust of your investors as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated team will assist you with everything from financial structuring to raising funds. By making sure that your investors have a transparent and clear view of each stage of the development, we can give you consistent help. Our all-encompassing real estate development platform and services help you maintain your investors’ confidence.

Secure Project Funding As Quickly and Easily As Possible

As a developer, you need to be able to secure your projects on terms that suit your unique project development’s needs and requirements, while remaining attractive and risk-averse to investors. Our in-depth insights and advisory services will help you operate confidently by making sure that your cash flow meets the unique needs of your project, regardless of which stage it’s at in development.

Your development project requires secure and sufficient project funding, which is why Projagg accelerates your chance at securing the funding you need to make your project a success. We’ll work tirelessly to provide you with professional target funding and advisory services.

Rest assured knowing that we’ll help you receive consistent, professional advice and your required funding quickly and easily. Our team will start refining your Proforma according to the criteria of each specific funder or lender.



Projagg provides Real Estate Developers a collaborative economy with a transparent and seamless marketplace and community for multi-parties collaboration.

Connect to Funding Community

Design Funding Needs 

Connect to Vendor & Industry Professionals

Call for Tender to the right parties

Track and Monitor the Tender Process

Monitor Cost Budgets and Revenue Flow

Minimize paperwork and man-hours

Secure the Project Fund Disbursement

​Increase Efficiency & Effectiveness

Access Comprehensive Reporting

Using Our Proprietary Technology

Target Funding 

 Our system will help you match your funding requirements to our Capital Markets, thus reducing the time spent on the Financing bottleneck.

  To accelerate your chance in getting funding, we also get all your Proforma and Project Proposals ready up to the Funders need.


 With our tendersys process technology, you will be able to call for tender given our database of industry professionals: from Architects, Engineers to Contractors.

 Using this feature, you will be able to monitor and track the entire tender process, keeping all your KPI's in place for a clear outcome.

Vaultchain Technology

This feature uses proprietary chain codes to secure documentation, contracts, quotes, and even communications.  This ensures all given data are chained and locked, thus every party will be accountable and responsible for their job scope. The Vaultchain can also automate disbursements directly to related parties for better efficiency and accountability.

Our Strategic Partners


"Their 2T Vaultchain Technology is really comforting when it comes to eliminating fraud!"



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