Solutions to a Trusted Collaboration

The real estate and infrastructure development industry is complex and has many factors that can jeopardize any party. The number of layers, redundancy, wastages of excess manpower, changes in plans, execution weaknesses, financing fraud, misuse and misappropriation of funds, is a huge area to be blocked and have better transparency at different levels, and more precise approvals. That is why it is important to diversify, strengthen collaboration, share the risk while enhancing the return.

Everyone has an alignment of interest to make the project works. Such is the new generation of Project Development.


Let Projagg combines your experience & expertise and leverage on each other's strength, network, and resources to build a project with accelerated returns while mitigating risk to it's lowest level 


Are You a Real Estate Developer?

Start projects across the globe without being limited by local knowledge and industry resources

  • Get the right funding for each of your feasible projects.

  • Find profitable and viable land for development

  • Find highly competent service providers and professionals such as Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Designers and the like.

  • Our Key advisors will provide you with tools to do your due diligence and proforma.

  • Our Projagg Facilitators will help you find lucrative projects and close development deals

Are You a Land Owner?

Unlock your lands' development potential and increase your profit by being part of the development.​

  • Get into a Joint venture without the fear of the Developer or Funder encroaching on your land,

  • No one can use the title of your land for mortgage or be used as collateral without your consent.

  • Be involved and be notified of the development's progress and timeline. 

Are you an Investor?

Fund feasible projects with full potential for higher returns without increasing risk​

  • Our unique Projagg Two-Tier Vaultchain Technology, locked in any bank of your choice and will be deployed to secure all financial data so no one can manipulate nor misappropriate the use of any designated funds

  • Get access to Reports easily and conveniently for you to pull out and disseminate to your clientele. We give the Funding Community a new avenue for consideration, where it may seem unthinkable previously, now they can have the peace of mind, and better returns assured.

Are You a Professional?

Behind every successful project, are experts that get things done.  ​

- Architects,​

- Appraisers / Valuers,

- Builders / Contractors,

- Consultants,

- M&E Engineers,

- Project Managers

- Quantity Surveyors / Estimators

- Material Vendors, etc.

  • Tender for Projects, Get Selected and Get Paid on time. 


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