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Better Solutions for Real Estate Developers

We help you design funding structure, raise funds, execute tenders and improve the bottom line

Seeking Investors to fund your real estate projects?

Get the right funding for each of your feasible projects.

Through the platform, you can find aid in designing your funding structure and raising capital for your projects. Our system will help you match your funding requirements to the Capital Markets, thus reducing the time spent on the financing bottleneck.

To accelerate your chance to raise funds,


Our key advisors will provide you with tools to do your due diligence and proforma at the same time assist you to get all your Project Proposals ready up to the Funder's need.

Our facilitators will guide you with everything from financial structuring to closing. We will ensure that your investors have a transparent and clear view of each stage of the development.

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Gain The Confidence and Trust Of Your Investors and Partners

When you register with Projagg, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll do everything we can to help you get your projects started and completed at the highest performance possible.


Our unique Vaultchain & Tendersys technology helps streamline collaboration between parties, increase efficiency and simplify the development paperwork.

Our all-encompassing real estate development platform and services help you maintain your investors’ and partners' confidence.

Seamless, Simple, and Secure 


How would you like a seamless and trusted platform and community where you can also collaborate and share resources towards a common goal? Your sourcing for industry professionals, and executing tenders as well as tracking and monitoring development milestones will be made simple.

Get access to a variety of incredibly available project funding to develop, tender for professionals, and support teams that make your project a success. We aim to provide you a community that provides a more secure, more transparent, and more accountable collaboration.

We genuinely believe in the success of your development project. We know for sure too that developing real estate projects entails an orchestration of different sectors like finance, materials, labor, skills, and expertise by many players involved within a very dynamic environment. At its best, the real estate development process is synergistic and there is an ultimate collaboration of resources. Projagg plays a role by providing you a trusted, transparent and secure environment enforcing trust between parties across the collaboration