Solar Energy

Green Fund

Investment Overview


Projagg Asia Green Energy Fund is a MAS regulated fund that aims to achieve long term stable returns through investing in South-East Asia’s attractive renewable energy projects, benefitting from an increasing market and regulatory push towards sustainability, offering investors positive ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) returns.

Investor profile


This fund is suitable for investors who:

• Wish to invest in green, sustainable opportunities

• Seek exposure to stable renewable energy

• Have a long term investment horizon

• Attractive returns with low mitigated risk

Renewable Energy Trending

Governments in South-East Asia is catching up with renewable energy initiatives. Demand for electricity will reach 400 TWh by 2025 and 800 TWh by 2050.However, renewable energy will only be able to produce 80 GW by 2023.There is a huge potential and shortfall as Governments rush to keep up with demand. A total of US$141 Billion was invested in Solar Renewables in 2019. We can only see an increase in demand for Solar Energy in 2021.


The Fund will only invest in renewable energy projects, of which at least 50% in developing countries, to provide positive social impact through lowering electricity cost, local job creation, and local GDP enhancement.


The Fund will measure and report on its ESG performance in terms of environment (carbon avoided, water savings), social (households electrified, local jobs & GDP), and governance (good project practices and gender diversity)


Wind Turbines

An amazing opportunity to invest in the renewable energy projects benefitting from an increasing market and attractive ESG returns

Fund Informaton

Who can invest?

Accredited Investors which is defined as:

  • an individual with personal assets exceeding S$2 million or annual income in the preceding 12 months of not less than S$300,000

  • a corporation with net assets exceeding S$10 million


Institutional Investors    

Minimum Investment


Fund Structure

Growth Fund with a life span of 5 years; and a flexible period adjustment of another 2 years

Investment Strategy

70-100% in greenfield renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia, in a mix of direct (preferred) equity or mezzanine, convertible instruments

Our Unique Preposition

All the funds' project portfolio is placed in a project aggregator platform, empowered by vault chain technology, to secure investors' capital and ensure that funds are not misused and abused. Investors are able to track fund performance and development progress via the platform. Data are blockchain and reports can be generated anytime, anywhere

Distribution Policy

Dividend after 2 years