Trusted Global Collaboration

Get access to our network of industry resources trusted partners and secured funding.

  • Search for new real estate development project opportunities

  • Find local partners, team members, and key advisors to help you kick-off.

  • Determine compatibility based on track record, capabilities, reliability, and project preferences

  • Secure Financing and Funding for your projects

We enable to ensure​

  • Due Diligence Compliance

  • Anti-fraud, Anti Money Laundering 

  • Exclusive & Private Deal flow

Unhackable Project Account

We enable our Projagg Two-Tier Vaultchain Technology to ensure that all project funds are fully secured, and disbursements are based on:


  • Contracts

  • Stipulated timeline,

  • and Exact amount

  • Direct payments to, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, consultants, and vendors.

With a custom API, we can lock in and secure all key data, so no one can manipulate, alter or amend information that was not agreed upon.

  • A 24-hour Audit trail can be generated

  • Real-time updates and Reports will be enabled. 


Providing a marketplace that able to connect all industry professionals through feature Call for Tender


Submit your project and get funding from our trusted and highly reputable funding community


All-time project tracker from scratch to project completion with setup milestone for a better overview


All money will be controlled by the system with direct payment without money loss 

How Projagg Works

How Projagg Works.png