Trusted Global Collaboration

Get access to our network of industry resources, trusted partners and secured funding.

  • Search for new real estate development project opportunities

  • Find local partners, team members, and key advisors to help you kick-off.

  • Determine compatibility based on track record, capabilities, reliability and project preferences

  • Secure Financing and Funding for your projects

With a unique KYC / AML verification, we enable to ensure​

  • Due Diligence Compliance

  • Anti-fraud, Anti Money Laundering 

  • Exclusive & Private Deal flow

Unhackable Project Account

We enable our proprietary Vaultchain Technology to ensure that all project funds are fully secured, and disbursements are based on:


  • Contracts

  • Stipulated Milestones,

  • Precise amount and Accounts

  • Payments to contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, consultants, and vendors.

With customized APIs, we can lock in and secure all key data, so no one can manipulate, alter or amend information that was not agreed upon, for payments via the appointed banks.

  • A 24-hour Audit trail can be generated

  • Real-time updates and Reports will be enabled. 


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