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Work With Projagg To Invest In High-Quality Real Estate and Infrastructure Developments

Projagg facilitates long-lasting connections between investors and real estate developers. If you’re looking for a bespoke, transparent, and professional platform to invest in premium Real Estate and Infrastructure Developments around the world, then you’re in the right place.

Investment Portfolio Diversification


By becoming a part of the Projagg network, you’ll not only be connected to a variety of real estate developers, but you’ll also be able to diversify your investment portfolio with unique real estate investment opportunities around the world.


Capital Preservation As The Main Priority

We understand how important capital preservation is in the investment industry. We’ve worked with investors who have fallen victim to scams and fraudulent activities, which is why we strive to provide every single one of our clients with the honesty and transparency they need.

Accessible and Rewarding Partnerships

We protect your capital by making sure that your funds are going towards the right project. Track and oversee exactly what, how, and why we do things at Projagg so that you can stay on top of your investment. Track and monitor the progress of the Real Estate and Infrastructure Developments you’ve invested in through our user-friendly and accessible platform.


Revolutionary Systems and Technology

Thanks to Distributed Ledger Technology, we’ve developed a system that makes sure that all of our valuable data is chained and locked on the following:

- Tender Quotes

- Invoices

- Payments

- Documentation

Premium Real Estate Development, Always


Constant Safety


Powered by Vaultchain Technology, Projagg can assure that no misappropriation, abuse, or misuse of your funds will get past us. We lock in the funds for each property investment opportunity to give you the peace of mind you need to invest with confidence.


Transparent Services

We believe that accountability and fair practice are the cornerstones of quality real estate and infrastructure development and investment solutions. We make sure to enhance our work efficiency and strive towards better, faster, and more reliable results. We provide you with total transparency to make sure that the interests and goals of each stakeholder, developer, and team member are aligned.

     So, if you are:

  1. Accredited Investor

  2. Family Office

  3. Real Estate Fund Manager

  4. Institutional Lender/Bank

  5. Alternative Financier

  6. REIT


Don't miss out on any off-market deal flow that can make a difference to your portfolio performance. There is really no harming preserving your capital while increasing your portfolio's performance.

Get Safety and Transparency Beyond Compare When You Invest With Projagg.

Funding Development Projects Made Easy


1. Register with us and get connected to promising real estate investment opportunities


We've put together a selection of viable and attractive real estate development investment

opportunities across the globe with lower, mitigated risk.


2. Select a strategy that fits your risk appetite and  investment mandate







Choose to invest directly in any of the real estate projects available on the platform, or

Invest as a Limited Partner to Projagg                       or

both are MAS Regulated Private Equity Fund managed by Passion Venture Capital Pte Ltd 

3. Track the development progress and your investment milestone.






Easily track the development progress and generate reports for Investors, as and when you need it. Have the peace of mind that your funds are effectively and genuinely deployed for the project itself.


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