Real Estate Investment Opportunities At Your Fingertips

Your Trusted Platform to Invest In High-Quality Real Estate and Infrastructure Developments

Projagg facilitates long-lasting connections between the funding community and real estate developers.

If you're a High Net Worth Individual, an Accredited Investor or a Family Office, you can have access to a diversified portfolio of institutional-grade real estate funds to manage your investment.


Access a portfolio of value-add and opportunistic real estate investments.

Identify investment opportunities aligned with your strategy and risk profile. 

Fund feasible real estate projects with full potential for higher returns without increasing your risk​.


Investment Portfolio Diversification

Access a well-diversified real estate portfolio with a wide range of property types, locations, and project managers who can help mitigate the risk. Using Projagg platform, investing in opportunistic higher-yielding returns is now at a core level lower risk profile.

Capital Preservation As The Main Priority

We understand how important capital preservation is in the investment industry. We’ve worked with investors who have fallen victim to scams and fraudulent activities, which is why we strive to provide every investor the tool with the integrity and transparency they need.

Accessible and Rewarding Partnerships

We protect your capital by making sure that your funds are only used towards the project cost and nothing else. Track and monitor exactly what, how, and when on disbursements and payments on the Projagg platform so that you can stay on top of your investment. You may also monitor the progress of the project you have invested in.

Revolutionary Systems and Technology

Thanks to Distributed Ledger Technology, we’ve developed a formidable 2-tier Blockchain system known as "Vaultchain" that makes sure that all of our valuable data is vaulted and chained on the following:

- Tender Quotes

- Invoices

- Payments

- Documentation

- Progress

- Milestones


WHY INVESTORS prefer to fund on the PROJAGG platform?

SECURITY - Peace of Mind

Projagg is powered by a 2-Tier Vaultchain Technology that eliminates fraud, misuse, abuse, and misappropriation on the use of funds. That means every single dollar that goes into the project itself enhances its value and is accounted for.


TRANSPARENCY - Fair and Accountable

Projagg utilizes our own proprietary TenderSys processes that ensure fairness, accurate information and data dissemination, and a strict protocol of authorization, verification and approval sequencing, to maintain accountability at all levels, within the companies and external sources.


PROFITABILITY - Higher Efficiency and Effectiveness

Developers will find, by using Projagg's technology, there are less possibilities of runaway costs, change of work orders and overspending. All levels of staff are more diligent and vigilant when it comes to cost and expenses, mistakes, errors or negligence. This will ensure profitability for every stakeholders, especially the funding community.