Are you interested to Fund a Development Project without the risk of losing your Capital?

Projagg prioritizes your capital preservation!
Funding, be it debt, equity or a hybrid, is the lifeline of a development project​.
However, funding a project development is fraught with risk and uncertainties such as:
-  Misuse, Abuse and Misappropriation of funds
-  Market Trends may change, subject to the economic situation
-  Budget overrun, lack of funds, mismanagement and poor execution
-  Loss of capital due to project failure
Projagg can help to elevate all these Risks & Uncertainties
Our Vaultchain technology and TenderSys processes will increase the project's chances of success. Capital Insurers are more willing to underwrite the project due to our technology prowess and capability in reducing risk and inefficiencies drastically.
What can the Funding Community look forward to?

- Acceptable Equity IRR ranges from 15% to 30%, 3 to 5 years

- Acceptable Debt rates range from 7% p.a. to 12% p.a, 5 to 10 years.

If you are currently placing investments or loans for certain projects, be it humanitarian, energy plants, mining, real estate, infrastructure, even with a startup, your funds are safer and more effective if these projects are on Projagg platform. You have the right to ask them to.

Whatever funding solutions or opportunities you are looking for, we'll help you find them.

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Why Funders should only fund on Projagg Platform?

SECURITY - You don't want to lose your money!

Projagg is powered by our proprietary Vaultchain Technology, locks in all the funds for that project. No possibility of misuse, abuse and misappropriation of funds can ever occur.

Perfect Peace of Mind for Funders.

TRANSPARENCY - Accountability & Fair Practice

Coupled with Projagg's TenderSys A.V.A. processes, and a 24-hour audit trail, we can allow total transparency at different stakeholders' levels, ensure fairness and enhance work efficiency with better results. Every stakeholder has an alignment of interest to make the project works.

So, if you are a:


  1. Family Office

  2. Equity/Property Fund Manager

  3. Net Worth Investors

  4. Alternative Financier

  5. Institutional Lender

  6. Crowdfunding site

  7. Real Estate Investment Fund

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Don't miss out on any off-market deal flow that can make a difference to your portfolio performance. There is really no harming preserving your capital while increasing your portfolio's performance, is there?



Melaka, Malaysia

Reclaiming 4 Islands off Melaka port for Tourism, Cruise Terminal, Deep sea port, Container/Oil Storage facilities.

Funding Needed

US$250 M


Budapest, Hungary

4.17 acres of Mixed developments with Office, Retail, Hotel and Residential apartments in prime area.

Funding Needed

EU100 M


Bali, Indonesia

3.2 hectares of landscape slopes with stream for resort and hotel development near the famous Monkey Forest.

Funding Needed

US$50 M


140 Paya Lebar Rd, 10-10 AZ@payalebar, Singapore 409015

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