Apartment Building


Investment Overview

REDV is a portfolio of real estate value-add and opportunistic projects in the Asia Pacific region.

In the Real Estate cycle, the top chain and highest profit margin originate at the Development stage, with the tenants/buyers at the bottom end at retail cost.

REDV seeks to take advantage of this Development stage that yields the highest profit margin while mitigating the risk to a low "Asset-Class" like Investment. It will create a diversified portfolio across property types while leveraging its mixed-use and technology expertise to capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable living communities and smart cities.

Investor Profile


Suitable for investors who:

• are keen to invest in real estate and infrastructure "Value-add and Opportunistic" projects, benefitting from profitable gains and/or a steady flow of income

•  seek to pursue a unique and diversified investment strategy

•  have a long term investment horizon

• expect the potential of higher returns against a technology-driven mitigated risk

Why invest in the REDV?

  • Co-development Deal Origination Participation 

  • Strategic investment structure and exit on all projects

  • 100% Transparency, Accountability, and Processes

  • Mitigated Risk powered by Vaultchain Technology

  • 10%pa Hurdle Rate, Expected 15% to 20% IRR



A Rare Opportunity to invest in a highly potential development projects powered by a proprietary Vaultchain Technology. 

Investment Informaton

Who can invest?

Accredited Investors which is defined as:

  • an individual with personal assets exceeding S$2 million or annual income in the preceding 12 months of not less than S$300,000

  • a corporation with net assets exceeding S$10 million


Institutional Investors    

Minimum Investment



Close Ended with a life span of 5 years; and a flexible period adjustment of another 2 years

Investment Strategy

REDV originates development projects with all permits approved and has a firm exit strategy in place. The project must be able to generate at least a 15% IRR and a development period of shorter than 5 years. 

Our Unique Preposition

All the project portfolio is placed in a project aggregator platform, powered by our proprietary Vaultchain Technology, to secure investors' capital and ensure that the developers' use of funds is not misused, abuse, or misappropriated. Investors are able to track fund performance and development progress via the platform. Data are blockchain-enabled and reports can be generated anytime anywhere.

Early Investors Incentives

Early Bird Investors can subscribe at a better value for a limited period only.