Why some projects got funded and many others rejected.

Many developers think their projects will definitely make money and that is definitely true.

Otherwise, they would have never started it!

Same as many entrepreneurs that started a company, and think their products and services were the best. Only to be proven by the market reality that they suck.​ Thousand of startups failed to get funded every year. Not because they are lousy concepts but more so due to their ability and readiness to get funding.

Remember, as much as you have a brilliant project, Funders received tens of such projects every week.
If they have $10 million to invest, they will choose the safest, the most lucrative, and something they had done before or something they are confident of. Any learning curve would prove an obstacle and there is no need for the investors to take such risk.


Want to get funded? Then pay attention!

Funders have a limited attention span.

Anything that makes them uneasy and difficult to understand, your project is as good as in the bin.

  1. Know thy Funders
    Know who your potential Funders are before you send them any proposal
    Who are these Funders?
    They may be Family Offices managed by professionals or family members, Fund Managers who look at capital preservation more than a shoot for the stars, or Institutions who are chasing after magic numbers. Every funder has its mandate, priorities, and preferences. Once you understand their spaces, you hit the nail. However, understanding them is only the beginning of an arduous journey before the funds start flowing.​

  2. Be Prepared. Be Very Prepared.
    ​Developers are more prepared to borrow money from the banks than pitching to Funders. 
    As far as the bank is concerned, what the developer can provide as collateral is the main concern as well as the ability of the developer to pay.
    ​Funders, on the other hand, are more concern about the risk and returns balance.
    As far as risk is concern, the developers should provide at least 3 main documents:

    - Feasibility Study Report
    -  Executive Summary or Business Plan
    - Proforma Cash flow

    Many developers will just provide a Company's profile and a Project Profile with some mediocre spreadsheets, that show average prices p.s.f. or p.s.m.

  3. The Exit Plan
    ​Developers are very weak in this final point.
    A market trend and statistics showing demand is not an exit plan.
    A track record showing past performance is not an assurance of an exit plan.
    A strategy or suggestion of selling to a REIT, potential Buyers or a buyback guarantee is not an exit plan.
    An exit plan is an assurance for funders to exit on specific terms, timeline and profitability.

If you have all these 3 in place, chances are you will make it to the Funders desk for consideration.

WHY the FUNDING COMMUNITY prefers to fund on our PROJAGG platform

SECURITY - Peace of Mind

Projagg is powered by a 2-Tier Vaultchain Technology that eliminates fraud, misuse, abuse and misappropriation on the use of funds. That means, every single dollar goes into the project itself and is accounted for.


TRANSPARENCY - Fair and Accountable

Projagg utilizes our own proprietary TenderSys processes that ensure fairness, accurate information and data dissemination, and a strict protocol of authorization, verification and approval sequencing, to maintain accountability at all levels, within the companies and external sources.


PROFITABILITY - Higher Efficiency and Effectiveness

Developers will find that using Projagg's technology, there are lesser possibilities of runaway costs and overspending. All levels of staff are more diligent and vigilant when it comes to cost and expenses, mistakes, errors or negligence. This will ensure profitability for every stakeholders, especially the funders.


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