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Deal Origination Marketplace

Projagg aims to help real estate developers, builders, and investors reduce their risk to project inefficiency by providing a platform where each can share resources towards an alignment of a common goal.

One of the major obstacles is funding, especially for the small and medium-size developers. Our platform connects and facilitates business collaboration between real estate developers and institutional investors. It is the most effective mean to directly screen projects & decision-makers. This saves investors a considerable amount of time finding, screening, and benchmarking quality projects while providing a space for developers to get their projects funded faster.

Our seamless marketplace removes layers of intermediaries enhancing communication and exchange of communication between parties.  By bringing all the parties involved in the investment and development process into a single platform, Projagg facilitates the collaboration of its subscribers.


Projagg certifies a secure, transparent, and accountable collaboration.

Tender System

Every developer requires contractors, vendors, consultants, and peripheral suppliers. 


Our Tender System is designed to make a developer's tender process more efficient and effective, cutting down paperwork, standardizing processes, transparency, enhancing work orders, reducing unnecessary man-hours, and damaging miscommunications and errors. Importantly, it provides a fair, ethical, and level playing field regardless of size, value, and job scope.

Every party knows exactly what is needed when it should be done and how it would be completed.



Fund Disbursement & Payment Management

Using our proprietary Vaultchain technology, investors and each of the parties can have the confidence that funds are disbursed without delay, misuse, abuse, or misappropriation by anyone. Payment and disbursement procedures will have to fulfill all criteria stipulated in the smart contract and finally authorized by a hierarchy of Qualified Personnel(QP) and finally a 3rd Party Trustee.

To enable transparency and a fair ethical workplace, improving Environmental, Social, and Governance(ESG), the 2-tier Vaultchain technology will ensure all work orders, processes, disbursements, payments will be accurate, executed correctly, and timely.

Project Milestone Monitoring


Our platform streamlines the entire real estate development process. From funding, tendering up to monitoring the development timeline and milestones. By concentrating all the information relating to projects in a unified and standardized way, the platform aggregates and digitizes an otherwise fragmented workflow into a single efficient collaborative space. It accelerates the deal origination, due diligence, deal closing, and asset management activities while significantly reducing transaction costs.