Any investing expert will tell you that your portfolio needs to be constantly evolving. 

Watch our Webinar Playback: Balancing Your Portfolio Diversification using Real Estate 

Catch up with our seasoned Fund Manager and explore the strategy many of the world's most sophisticated investors take, including multi-billion dollar pension funds and other institutional investors. 


Discover why this group of investors has recognized the legitimate benefits of a private real estate investment allocation.


Understand first-hand:


  • The Real Estate Market Cycle

  • How to manage Risk and Return Strategies

  • How to create a balanced portfolio with a higher upside potential

  • How to improve portfolio diversification using Real Estate

  • Insider knowledge about opportunistic real estate deals to help you allocate your capital more effectively.

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In this webinar, you'll learn how to decipher the market trend and make money at almost any point in the economic cycle.

We will present a simple and practical field on how to create a balanced portfolio by investing using Real Estate. This investment is partnering or investing with developers who have specific expertise in their niche.


Meet our Speakers:


Davy Goh
CEO Passion Venture Capital

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Danny Lim
Strategic Advisor - Projagg Asia

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