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Trust-less Technology

Projagg is a global sharing economy platform to help Real Estate Developers to:

  • Increase their Real Estate Development Efficiency & Effectiveness

  • Connect to Funding Community

  • Raise Equity/Debt or Alternative Funds

  • Connect to Vendors and Industry Professionals

  • Call for Multiple Tenders

  • Track and Monitor Cost Budgets and Revenue Flow

  • Track and Monitor the Tender Process & Progress

  • Secure Project Fund Payment & Disbursement

  • Access Comprehensive Reporting

Using Our Proprietary Technology

Target Funding Assessment Tool

  • Our marketplace exposes your funding requirements to our Funding Community, so they can assess the opportunities and projects that fit their mandate.

  • We use an in-house AI and Big Data to do quality selection and shortlist the closest matches thus reducing your time wastages of pitching to the wrong group.

  • To accelerate your chance in getting funding, we also can assist and advise on your Project Proposal so they are easy and wanting to the Funding Community.

TenderSys Process

  • With our tendersys process technology, you will be able to call for tender given our database of industry professionals: from Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Designers and more.

  • Using this feature, you will be able to monitor and track the entire tender process and progress, keeping all your KPI's in place for a clear outcome.

Vaultchain Technology

This feature was developed using a unique 2-tier distributed ledger, to ensure all given data are chained and locked, permissible to 2 separate group levels, with subsets, and breakdown on multiple tender quotes, invoices, payments and documentation, including authentication, verification and approval by selected Qualified Professionals, throughout the system processes, from start to completion of the project.


Secure Project Fund Payment & Disbursement

  • The system requires pre-designated AVA Team, who will Authorize-Verify-Approve the milestones  accordingly so the bank will release funds for payment. This is to prevent developers from misusing, misappropriating and abusing the use of funds, giving the funding Community a peace of mind and boosting confidence.

  • The system requires you to encode your forecasted budget for each of your development milestone, and this information is locked up keeping your entire team on track and work within budget and quotes.


Secure Legal Entity with Smart Contract

  • In the case of joint ventures with Landowners and Equity/Debt Investors, the system secures and ensures the terms agreed upon are executed accordingly and all legal binding is chained in the system.

  • The Vaultchain also secure the land titles and contracts, protecting all parties involved in the collaboration. It also allows the user to manage your SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle), putting all stakeholders informed of what has been the signed terms and conditions.


Cost Control and Budget Management

  • Each development milestone is tied up in a codechain and the budget is lockdown. This will help developers to manage cash flow without overblown spending. It will also ensure there is no misuse, no bribery, no fraud and eliminating rogue staff activities. The system will be the point of trust for all parties and stakeholders, prohibiting any internal team to do any illegal transactions.


Comprehensive Reporting

  • Access 24-hour reporting on funding requirements, fund disbursements and transactions, tender KPI's and processes, payment history and milestone tracking to give better factual insights on the development progress and timeline for relevant stakeholders.